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U.P.V.C Fasia, Soffit And Guttering

We always recommend using Swish building products,

They are one of the leading manufacturers who offer quality along with competitive prices,

There name and product always speak for themselves.

Firestone Rubber Flat Roof

With 20 year guarantee and 50 year life expectancy its no wonder many uk homes are switching to Firestone flat roofing, Our roofers are trained Firestone fitters as opposed to a lot of rubber fitters who get their qualification in a day.

Replacing Tiled And Slate Roofs

All our roofs come fitted with breathable felt, Which is strong, Waterproof and helps fight against condensation.

Treated battens to help fight against the weather elements.

Dry-Systems to help eliminate further maintenance.

Dry-Ridge Or Repointing Ridges

Dry-Ridge eliminates all cementing work from your top hip tiles, With a 20 year guarantee you can be assured that it will be one less job to worry about.

Dry-Verge Or Repointing Apex

Dry-Verge eliminates the need for cement on your apex/gable,

The idea of Dry-verge is to clamp your end tile down, 

Stop any birds or insects entering through them all while staying waterproof.

Our universal caps fit all house's and come with a 20 year guarantee.

Dry-Valley Or Repointing Valley

Valleys are always a weak spot on any home and are prone to perishing,

Dry-Valleys remove all cement,

Looks neat with your freshly cut tiles to fit them and come with a 20 year guarantee.

Chimney Flashing And Repointing

Another area on the house known for perishing,

With our chimney repair work no half measures are taken,

We grind all the old cement away,

Wire brush down the chimney,

Clean the chimney down with soapy water then once dried we then re-point and water seal it,

So you can be assured of a long lasting result.

Re-Felt And Battening

Even with small repair work we take all the care we would if it were a larger new roof, Most houses contain bitumen felt known to crumble away after a few years and is simply out dated.

Our felt is breathable, Strong and waterproof,

Our battens are treaded and our roofing work is quality.

Slipped Tiles

Can become a nuisance but if left unchecked can cause damage to your felt, Battens and even your beams, We say fix a job while it is still small.

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